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Educational tool for relational algebra

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Relational an educational tool to provide a workspace for experimenting with relational algebra.

It provides GUI that can be used for executing relational queries, and also a command line interface and a Python library.


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apt install relational
or Download .deb
Download sources Download Help if you want it back.
Or get the sources and figure it out.

I have been developing this for 12 years. If you want support for windows and osx to be back, instead of sending an email to ask me to do it, send me an email offering to help.


Youtube tutorial


These are some valid queries

A ∪ B
σ (age==12) (A)
π name,age (A)
ρ age➡a,name➡n (A)
A ∪ B ∪ σ id==3 (C)

Explaination of all the operators and their syntax can be found here.

Formal language definition can be read here.

Documentation on how the automatic casting is performed.

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